DoJ Cyber Security Takes Down Darkode Malware Forums

Garrett Fogerlie 2 400 subscribers

The Department of Justice's Cyber Security division launched a 20 country coordinated takedown of the hacking website/forum Darkode, codename Shrouded Horizon. About 70 of its members have been identified and many arrested across the world, including 12 from America. Darkode has been a marketplace to purchase and trade hacking tools since at least 2008. It's considered the largest, most sophisticated English-language criminal marketplace in the world, and hackers go there when they need the latest malware, spam programs, and access to botnets and 0-day vulnerabilities. More info: Follow me on Twitter, @gFogerlie (, Google+ and Facebook Subscribe: Have a video request? Let me know:


  • But they couldn't investigate Hillary? lol


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