So, I Threw a BRIDAL SHOWER SURPRISE... (plus bought too much home decor)

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So, I Threw a BRIDAL SHOWER SURPRISE... (plus bought too much home decor). Throw a DIY Pinterest Bridal Shower! Decor, Treats + Gift Ideas!. BRIDAL SHOWER 101! Everything You Need To Know!| BiancaReneeToday. My Surprise Bridal Shower! They Got Me Good!!: Journey to I do. HOME HAUL: WHAT I GOT FOR MY BRIDAL SHOWER + Registry Tips!. Budget Friendly Bridal Shower/ No Frills, Just Fun!. Hosting a Bridal Shower Vlog - DECORATE AND PREP WITH ME!. Meg's Kate Spade Themed Bridal Shower. VLOG | My Sister's Surprise Bridal Shower. PLANNING A SURPRISE BRIDAL SHOWER. BRIDAL SHOWER SURPRISE *will make you cry*. How to Style a Bridal Shower. MY BRIDAL SHOWER | Dacozzy. How to host a "Bridal Shower" on a budget💕💍💐💒. Simple(but FANCY) Bridal Shower Party Ideas! DIY. WELCOME TO OUR BRIDAL SHOWER | VALE LOREN. Tea With The Bride To Be! | My Bridal Tea Party Shower. BRIDAL SHOWER VINTAGE DECOR IDEA.

So many new decor items for the house PLUS threw a huge bridal shower for my sister in law (see her reaction!) Subscribe: BUSINESS INQUIRIES [email protected] (** note the 2 H's and .ca!) WHERE TO FIND ME Beauty & Lifestyle Channel: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Pinterest: NEW TO RACHHLOVESLIFE? Hi! I'm Rachel, and welcome to my little pocket of the internet. I'm a wife, mom of 2 (a three year old girl and an under 1 year old boy), and chocolate chip cookie addict. Here you'll find NEW VIDEOS EVERY SATURDAY around MOM LIFE, HOME DECOR, ORGANIZATION, LIFE HACKS, TESTING RECIPES & MORE! Latest videos here: Love MAKEUP & FASHION? I upload new videos on my RachhLoves beauty channel for 1.3 million amazing subscribers every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday! Check it out here: Here are some quick videos to get you caught up, and thanks for hanging out with us! Wedding Video: Introducing my daughter Julia to YouTube: Introducing my son Luke to YouTube: Pinterest Hacks Tested Series TOP QUESTIONS 1. Are you married? Yes! My husband Chris and I got married in 2012. Here's our wedding video: 2. How many kids do you have? Two! :) My daughter Julia turned 4 in September, and my son Luke turns 2 in January! Here are my pregnancy vlogs if you're interested! :) 3. Why don't you show your family in your videos? Chris and I decided to let THEM make the decision whether or not they want to be in videos when they're older. We really appreciate all your support and love for our decision! We did introduce everyone to Julia when she was 2 months old ( and Luke here: